13. helmi, 2016


The Plantings at the Barbican were set out by myself and my long-time collaborator in detailed planting arrangement on the ground, Taina Suonio – we have worked together on the planting of all of my most recent show gardens.

The Barbican is Europe’s largest arts and conference complex, and also includes a significant residential community. It is a noted example of uncompromising modernist architecture, built mostly in the 1970s.  The original design aimed to create a self-contained ‘urban village’, with the residential and public spaces separated completely from vehicle traffic.  Most of the landscape elements, including the water bodies, are ‘podium landscapes’ or ‘landscapes above structure’: roof gardens and green roofs, with car parks, the arts complex, and recreational facilities beneath.

Planting Design: Nigel Dunnett  Construction Detailing, Technical Support & Graphics: The Landscape Agency  Client: City of London Corporation & The Barbican Estate Office

On-site plant arrangement and setting-out: Nigel Dunnett & Taina Suonio  

Text: Nigel Dunnett, find out more: http://www.nigeldunnett.com/barbican-setting-out